Michael Charles Smith w/ Ian Mackintosh

Knights Of Pythias, 648 SE Rose St., Roseburg, Oregon

Doors @ 6:30 pm
LIMITED TICKETS $5 off my Website (Kids Free) Concert @ 7pm (solo marimba) 8pm (Ian and I play songs from my new album)

To promote my new album "In The Shadow", Ian and I are going to play a small show in our hometown of Roseburg! 25 years ago (or close to 25 years) Ian Mackintosh, Robin Washburn, and had a band and played a show together at The Knights Of Pythias in Roseburg. At the time, this was the cool show space for all-ages shows in Roseburg. For two decades this space has been used for other purposes, but I got a hold of the key-holders and they happened to be reopening the space for shows again! This will be the first show played at the Pythias in 20 years! Needless to say, this will be a very nostalgic show for both Ian and I. Please come out if you are in town!

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